Urban Dredging Demonstration

Urban Dredging Demonstration Project Bangladesh

Despite heavy competition, TV Dredging BV and Teus Vlot Scheeps Electro BV won the tender for the delivery of dredging equipment and -systems for a demonstration project in Dhaka – Bangladesh, the so-called ‘Urban Dredging Demonstration Project’.
At severe floods, which have hit the metropolis 10 times already since the 1970’s, it is of great importance to drain the excess (rain) water as quick as possible. For this purpose, a complete sewage system was created under the city, and canals with reservoirs were dug several decades ago. Since then however, the sewage system is silting-up, and the canals and reservoirs already are silted-up.

The Dutch government has set itself the goal to tackle this problem with the knowledge of dredging found within Dutch companies.
The difficulty here is that the sand, silt and rubbish have to be removed from the kilometers / miles long, underground sewers. This cannot be done with conventional dredge techniques and readily available equipment. So, an experienced project manager, with specific knowledge of “small scale dredging” worked out an overall plan for this problem and TV Dredging won the subsequent tender for the supply of the required equipment.

The tender also included the taking care of the complete design and the supervision of the 3 barges of 14.7 m3 (19.2 yd3) volume, which were to be built locally. A fully worked-out safety plan and all necessary personal protective equipment were also to be supplied to ensure the safety of the dredge operators.

For the removal of the sand, silt and rubbish from the miles long, underground sewers and canals, TV Dredging BV supplied following equipment:

- one rolling & sailing bulldozer;
- one sailing bulldozer;
- one pusher boat;
- eight couple pontoons with spud poles;
- a fully equipped workshop container;
- two wheel excavators of 8.8 and 14 ton, including grabs;
- the required spare parts and maintenance contract for the coming years.

On top of that we took care of the complete engineering and supervision of the three, locally built barges.

The TV Dredging engineers engineered, built and tested the electric drive of the rolling & sailing bulldozer, which must be able to work safely in both dry as well as wet, underground canals.

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