DN400 hopper installation

DN400 hopper installation with underwater dredge pump

In 2012 the self-propelled hopper dredger ‘Gaasterland’ was put into service by the company Mineralis BV. This hopper dredger will extract sand on the inland lake IJsselmeer from 45m depth. To enable this, TV Dredging BV has equipped the vessel with a suction pipe installation with an integrated submerged dredge pump and sand production suction head; a unique execution for the Dutch inland shipping.

The GIW LSA 12x14 submerged dredge pump was selected, and placed in a cradle-construction between the suction- and discharge pipe. The pump is driven by a 355kW (476HP) submerged E-motor.
If required, the dredged sand can be screened by the onboard screen installation. The screened, or unscreened, sand can directly be loaded into its own hoppers or into another ship through a 5.5m long loading arm.

The height adjustable screenbox is placed on the mid deckhouse and is executed with exchangeable screens. This enables the supply of different sand fractions. The height adjustable barge loading arm is placed on a separate construction on the mid-deck. It can be swiveled 180° and be stored next to the screenbox.
Jet water is supplied to the sand production head through a high efficiency, robust GIW LCC 200-610 slurry pump, which is directly driven by an E-motor. This way the sand is dredged with a very high concentration which ensures relating costs- and time savings.

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