Booster Station 'Cruquius'

From engineering to commissioning done by TV Dredging BV

In February 2012 TV Dredging BV has completed the booster station (BS) 'Cruquius' (DN600) for BOSKALIS BV.
The goal was to modify the BS ‘Bloemendaal’, to build it into a 40 foot container and to build a compact as possible booster station with less as possible support equipment.
Equipped with a 90kVA generator set, diesel fuel tank and glandwater provision equipment, this booster station can operate stand-alone and even be remotely controlled via telemetry. The electric installation and radiator cooling are integrated into the container. It is also possible to execute the dredge pump with a mechanical seal which even eliminates the requirement of glandwater.

The old BS ‘Bloemendaal’ consisted of a Caterpillar 3516 with a Masson gearbox and a BKW 155-60 dredge pump.
The existing 40ft container was re-used and provided with a new foundation and adapted in such way that the complete drive of BS ‘Bloemendaal’ could be integrated in the container. Also the complete electric installation was supplied and installed by our electric engineers into the container. The electric installation can be connected to every 400V - 50Hz grid (on board or on shore by means of a generator, or the on-shore mains).

It was required that the booster station is able to work in ambient temperatures up to 45ºC (113ºF). To enable this, the four existing radiator cooling fans were removed from the container and replaced by two super silent fans with a total capacity of 62 m3/s (2,200 ft3/s). Gearbox and pump bearing cooling is done by two oil coolers which were additionally installed in the engine room.
On top of, that the BS is suitable for road transport by standard truck (flexible and cost-effective). To achieve this, the rooftop is dismountable. The rooftop is equipped with three integrated fans for the intake of air and the exhaust of radiation heat, a silenced air relief and a muffler. Also the crane, crane foundation and the suction pipe support are dismountable.

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