Wear-resistant jet nozzles

TV Dredging BV has marketed an entirely new type of jet nozzle for the loosening and fluidizing of soil through jet water. This newly developed wear-resistant jet nozzle works better and has an increased life span.

The nozzle is made of steel and has its inside covered with very tough and smooth synthetic polyurethane.

Compared to the traditional all-steel nozzles, it possesses some special properties because of the extraordinary choice of material and adapted shape: it has a significantly higher efficiency and a better service life.

To facilitate the exchange of older types, the new jet nozzle has a standard used 2” BSPT (gas thread) connection.

The wear-resistant jet nozzles are used on several of our components, like jet water monitors, drag heads and sand production heads. In addition to that they can be used on many other components and products.