High efficiency GIW dredge and slurry pumps

The dredge pump is the heart of every dredge installation. The right pump choice is crucial.
GIW dredge pumps are high efficient, very wear resistant and offer an extensive array of types, sizes and materials.

With the customer wishes as starting point, we make a pump- and conduit system calculation with GIW’s invaluable Slysel pump calculation program, combined with the experiences at TV Dredging BV. On the basis of the “Best Efficiency Point” (BEP) we determine the best pump for your situation, with the maximum result. Taken into account are the soil production, parts wear and energy consumption.

TV Dredging BV sells and modifies GIW dredge pumps in various executions, like: underwater pumps, booster pumps, jet pumps, slurry pumps and double walled pumps. These pumps can be supplied with various types of shaft sealing.

Depending on the requirements, the dredge pumps can be supplied in various wear resistant materials. One of these materials (the WD29G) is wear resistant and, to a certain degree, shock proof. That makes this material very suitable for e.g. harbor maintenance dredging and gravel dredging.

Repair and service of dredge pumps

TV Dredging BV employs special trained technicians who deliver solid maintenance and repair work to GIW and other brand dredge pumps. Of course this can also be done on site.