Dredge Valves

Depending on the customer’s’ needs, TV Dredging BV supplies 2 types of dredge valves: the rubber ring dredge valve and the discharge dredge valve.

Rubber ring dredge valve

Rubber ring dredge valves ensure leak-proof closing of dredge pipelines. The position of this valve type is either fully open or fully closed.
These dredge valves are executed with a hydraulically operated stainless steel knife which slides between 2 wear-resistant polyurethane sealing rings, which enables the leak-proof closing. The dredge valves are equipped with integrated proximity sensors and/or a position indicator. This enables the operator to remotely monitoring (by sight or signal) the dredge valve’s position: open or closed.
For cleaning the valve housing, the dredge valves are provided with flushing water connectors. In consultation with us, the dredge valves can be mounted in a vertical as well as in a horizontal position.
Optionally these dredge valves can be supplied with Class Certificate. This is mandatory when they will be used as e.g. hull valve in front of the slide flange of a hopper dredger.

Discharge dredge valve

Discharge dredge valves are executed with a wear-resistant knife and are meant to regulate (flow or direction) the pumped mixture. These dredge valves can be supplied hydraulically or manually operated. Both these types can be equipped with an open/close indicator by means of integrated proximity switches in the hydraulic cylinder and/or a position indicator.