New building and Modification

New building and Modification

Dredging equipment has to perform day in day out, often under severe circumstances. A solid design and execution is of great importance.
Building your new dredger, converting your vessel into a dredger, or rebuilding your dredger, THAT’S what we are good at!

Renovation and reconstruction

Besides designing and manufacturing of new installations, we also renovate and modify existing ones. These can then be equipped with the latest technologies.


In our Engineering Department, both large and small scale projects are being prepared, designed, developed and certified. Engineering is done in a 3D-model by our own Engineering Department. This way our customers can see their project engineered in full, prior to the launch of the construction. We gladly contribute to the thought process, from customer demand to end result, resulting in custom-built top quality products.

The circumstances under which has to be dredged depends on factors such as: location, dredging depth, soil conditions, sandpit dimensions and ecological requirements. With these conditions and the customers’ wishes in mind, we have developed a cost saving modular design for our stationary dredgers. Our plain suction dredgers and cutter suction dredgers are dismountable and road transportable. Apart from that, we design, manufacture and supply installations for every conceivable situation that may possibly occur with the extraction of sand and gravel. We supply both diesel as well as complete electric driven dredgers, which are equipped with the latest dredge automation and navigational systems.

We have successfully built and supplied various custom-built diesel-electric driven hopper dredgers. Combining years of experience in the inland waterway shipping, the automation technology and the aggregation industry enables us the turn-key finishing of a self-propelled hopper dredger which is completely built in-house.